Chiara Barrasso

Chiara Barrasso is the adventurous lady behind the blog Trips and heels. She is always looking to discover new places, and capture everything with her soul.

She’s a nature and animal lover, who is always traveling with her buddy.

If you are looking for some travel inspiration, please let her take you on an endless adventure.



How would you define the girl who is behind all your photos? beyond Instagram and travel so much, could you tell us more about your passions?

I am a positive person in my daily life, I love laughing, spending good time with friends and family. I am also a creative person, that’s why I love photography and video! And I have always been passionate about traveling and discover new places!



We love to see how dedicated you are to write all your post in English and French. How many languages do you speak?

I’m French, I was born in Paris and now I live in Bordeaux, French is my native language. I also speak English because I lived in LA for a few months during my internship! And I have Italian origins but I only speak a little bit Italian, I have to learn haha



What’s the hardest thing about traveling?

I think the hardest thing is organizing! If you want to travel well you have to organize in advance where to stay, what to visit, what different cities you will explore etc. I spend a lot of time before every travel in organizing!



I’ve seen you always travel with your boyfriend, have you considered to take a solo trip soon?

We always travel together, he shares the same passions, he loves traveling and photography, so it’s really cool to travel with him! He is my travel buddy I never travel without him!



Could you mention three accounts who inspire you the most? 

My biggest inspirations are of course the travel bloggers Gypsea lust and Doyoutravel! But I also love smaller accounts like xkflyaway or hilvees!



I know you are an animal lover. It must be sad to leave your three dogs while traveling. Where do you leave them?

I always leave my dogs to my family, they love animals and we never leave for a long time.



Do you have anything that you always carry while traveling? Apart from your camera of course 😉

Haha yes I always carry my camera, drone, gopro phone etc and especially that I have a charger! Apart this, nothing special!



Are you more into luxurious or small and typical hotels?

It’s depending on the destinations, but my favorites hotels are luxurious and small ones! I will never stay in a huge hotel with 500 rooms! I love the small and wild hotels lost in nature (like the Goya in Bali for example)



What’s the most satisfactory about having more than 30k followers?

Honestly, I think the numbers doesn’t matters, the important thing for me is to know that people like our work, support us and like to travel with us!



What destinations are on your bucket list for this 2018?

We are going to Morocco in January! I’m so excited! For the other destinations nothing is planned yet but I would love to visit Philippines, Thailand, Jordan and Seychelles!



Would you like to say something to your followers? and for the ones who don’t know you yet, why should they follow you?

I would like to thank everyone for their support and their kind words! It means the world for me. For the others I would say come with us and follow our adventures around the world, I promise it will be fun!




I really hope you enjoy this interview, you can find Chiara on Instagram,  Pinterest, and her    Blog!


If you enjoy this interview, let me know who would you like to see next?



more of my travels here.








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