Cherry Blossom festival coming up!!!

Have you ever been or heard about the Cherry Blossom Festival?

Take a look of this!

The Cherry blossoms are small pink and white flowers from a three originally from Japan.

This celebration takes place in Washington D.C, it commemorates a gift of Japanese Cherry trees, from Yukio Ozaki of Tokio to Washington D.C. to enhance the growing friendship between the United States and Japan.


I gotta say that this was my favorite time of the year. The city turns all colorful and full of life, the most beautiful area to appreciate those trees, is in Central Washington, around Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Amazing shot (Below) by Norah Patrick. Can’twait to seeyour photos for this year!

Congratulations Corey Hudson, for this wonderful photo! (Below)

When is the best time to see the Cherry Blossom?

The National Park Service predicts that the cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom sometime between March 19 and 22, everything depends on of the weather. The cherry blossom blooming period is a relatively brief window–a week or two, really–when they go from just buds to beautiful flowers to falling off and being replaced by green leaves.

Do I have to pay to see the Cherry Blossom?

You don’t need to pay to see the cherry blossoms. The trees are on public land. There are no fences or gates restricting access. You are free to wander around as much as you like and take the best pictures ever!

Where to eat?

I don’t really remember to see many restaurants around there, but there is a lot of hot dogs and burger stands all around the parks.

Peak Bloom Dates

2010 March 31
2011 March 29
2012 March 20
2013 April 9
2014 April 10
2015 April 10
2016 March 25

cherry 2

If you miss this wonderful season, don’t worry, Washington D.C is beautiful anywhere you look around.

After traveling to 10 countries until now, I can only say that this city is the only one that has almost all the museums for free. So If you are planning to go with kids, friends or just you, it is a wonderful destination since you have a lot to see and many outdoors activities.







AIR & SPACE MUSEUM -When I was in Mexico, I took a flight attendant course, so visiting this museum was great since I love everything about aviation. Behind me, you can see the world’s first successful airplane by the Wright brothers!


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